And we meet again Monday. Does anyone else feel like the weekends get shorter and shorter as the weather continues to get nicer… This weekend in particular was nothing too elaborate, but I am linking up with Katie for a quick weekend recap. I spent Saturday with Randy. We started the morning off with a quick breakfast and then went for a run on the Chattahoochee River trail. After our run we came home, showered, picked up Ben and then drove around some areas in Atlanta in search for a new apartment.

After apartment shopping we came back home for a snack and then off to Rev Fest. Unfortunately I totally forgot my camera at home and didn’t get to snap any photos for you guys but we had a blast. My allergies starting acting up later on so we spent some time inside talking and discussing potential areas I wanted to look at moving to. And then we headed to dinner.

I have been wanting to try out Guaco-Joes for awhile, so we finally made a trip there. We started with the chips and salsa which were complimentary including regular salsa and salsa verde. We took advantage of the $5 margarita special and both got a house margarita on the rocks. 

For dinner I order the Baja Salmon Salad, which included mixed greens, their mango salsa, avocado, grilled onions, salmon, and cilantro-citrus vinaigrette.

Randy got the buffalo chicken quesadilla with a chicken tinga taco. He let me try the buffalo chicken quesadilla and it was amazing! 

We both really enjoyed the food. After dinner we walked around Vinings Jubilee and then headed back home to take the dogs to the park before it got dark.

We spent the rest of the evening watching Beat Bobby Flay on Netflix. It was a fun weekend but went by far to fast. Luckily I will get to spend next weekend at the beach with him. But until then I wanted to talk a little bit on find your passion.

You know what you hear a lot as you are growing up… find that thing that you are passionate about. I always heard that the key to finding happiness was prioritizing what you were passionate about. And in all honestly at 18 I thought I had found it. I thought that soccer was my number one passion. Later on I realized that although I loved soccer and still do… it was just what was familiar and part of my child hood. It wasn’t until I was 20 years old, after quitting soccer that I realized I had no idea what I was passionate about. 
I think that passion can be misinterpreted sometimes with something we love. I have heard this a lot with relationships… I loved them, but there was just no passion in the relationship. There was no burning inside of you, nothing lit you up. I think passion is one of the most powerful, exciting but yet scary things you can come across.
I don’t think passion just comes across you one day. I think you almost have to search for it. You have to want to find it. You have to strive for it. But when you do find that passion, you just know. 
It becomes your obsession day in and day out. The thing you find yourself talking about without even realizing it. The thing that makes you want more than a typical life. The thing that drives you. Makes you excited, happy, angry and tests your limits. 
Passion is something I discovered a couple years ago. And until recently I had not pursued it. I think what I learned most about passion is sometimes you need someone to push you. To remind you why you love it. To remind you to pursue it. Dream of it. Chase it. 
Passion is a beautiful thing. So once you find it, don’t give up on it. Look for inspiration surrounding it. Look to others around you, drowning out those who haven’t found yours. Because if there is one thing I have learned about passion is its unstoppable.