Ever since moving to Savannah, Georgia, there hasn’t been much reason to pull out my winter clothes.

Coming from Ohio, where the weather is cold half the year I had quite the collection of sweaters, sweat shirts, coats and boots saved up. The only time they come out now is when I am traveling back to Ohio in the winter.

Tomorrow my husband and I are packing up to head to Ohio to spend Christmas with our family. Because what would Christmas be without my parents and grandparents around.

As I was beginning to pack my things this week I thought there was no better time to share some of my favorite winter weather clothing items with you guys. Plus I don’t know about you but I always forget something and what a better way to remember everything I need to stay warm in Ohio.

Winter Coat

Even when you live in a tropical environment it is always good to invest in a quality winter coat. You never know when you will find yourself on a skiing trip, or when cold weather will hit an unlikely location. I have a three in one coat set from North Face, that I bought on a Black Friday. These coats are perfect for people in warmer climates because it acts as a rain coat, a light jacket and turns into the ultimate winter coat just by zipping the two coats together.

Wool Socks

I originally bought these during our trip to Asheville, North Carolina when we got engaged. It was back in March and we just happened to go hiking the last weekend of a winter storm. It ended up snowing and getting quite cold unexpectedly so I found these socks at a local hiking shop. Wool socks just do something that no other fabrics do. Not to mention with small feet, these kids sized socks fit perfectly for hiking and just staying warm!


This toboggan is actually a gift for someone that I fell in love with. The hat originally came from Target, but the jewelry piece we found at The Paris Market, a vintage item they had. I loved the story behind the vintage jewelry and beads they have and just couldn’t pass it up. Plus it looks perfect on this gray hat.

Snow or Rain Boots

I love these Sperry duck boots because they don’t go up too high, but they are insulated to help keep your feet warm and dry from any type of weather.


This is one of the warmest sweat shirts I have to date. Randy got this for me as a wedding present, but this Patagonia three-quarter zip has been amazing even in North Carolina weather. Mine is monogramed but any sweat shirt will do. Layering is your friend when traveling North.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas this year.