I have always loved growing things. I remember the first time my Mom bought a strawberry plant and we planted it in the garden. The first sign of strawberries I was out there picking them. And it was without a doubt the best strawberry I have ever had.

From that point on I always picked one vegetable to plant in the summertime. We had tomatoes, green peppers and zucchini.

Last forward to college during my Junior year. It was my first year not living in the dorms. I moved in with my sister in an apartment, which had a fenced in patio. I began to grow my own herbs with a planter kit. We always had parsley, basil and cilantro on hand… at least when the weather was warm.

Ever since that year I have moved from a college dorm to home, then a house with my best friend and back home.

Next up was my adventure in Atlanta, in just a year I lived in two different apartments. And now I am in Savannah, living in a condo.

Unfortunately we don’t have a yard at all. We have a screened in porch, but the sun doesn’t shine through too often.

Not having the opportunity to have outdoor plants or grow my own fruits and veggies I finally decided it was time for a house plant.

I got my first house plant right after my husband and I got back from our honeymoon. Perfect timing too, since our wedding decorations became available.

I have always loved mason jars, and that was a top priority for me to add to our wedding decorations. And they ended up coming in handy as my new DIY Mason Jar Planter.

To make these, we had ordered some mason jars in the mail, any size will do for your DIY planter.

My husband and I both have rose gold wedding rings, so we decided on rose gold spray paint but any paint color will do.

All you need for your planter is:

A Mason Jar
Can of Spray Paint, Any Color
Can of Clear Spray Paint

The steps are as followed:
1. Remove the lid
2. Spray the jar with spray paint around the outside
3. Let dry a couple hours
4. Spray over the jar with a clear coatings
5. Let dry a couple hours
6. Add lid back on, fill bottom with potting soil and place your plant inside.

These planters ended up being so useful, cute and can even be used a vase instead!