Do you ever sit around for hours on end looking at pinterest home decor? I know I do, and I always go home jealous because somehow I just seem to lack that interior design bone in my body.

For some reason or another pinterest home decor has really inspired me to get more into DIY projects. Not only is it more satisfying to have something in your home that you handmade, but it is cheaper too.

These DIY glitter vases were originally made for my wedding back in October. Randy and I chose to make all of our decorations.

We really spent time trying to have a reasonably budgeted wedding and decorations just didn’t fit in the budget.

These vases were part of the center pieces on our reception tables. We loved how they worked perfectly with our rose gold theme for most of the wedding accent pieces.

-Madison Carter Photography

Once the wedding was over our decorations sat in a box in the corner for about a month. I finally have decided to try to incorporate them within our home decorations.

I am starting to learn that just because you don’t have the money to buy all the things at a craft show doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing looking house. Sometimes it just takes some manual labor.

The glitter vases have made such a nice addition to our current home decor. Being in a condo, our kitchen, living and dining room all blend together to be in the same room. So having some pieces I can incorporate in both rooms have made our home seem more put together.

I am usually not a huge fan of anything glitter, but striving for neutral colors throughout our home, they make the perfect pop of color to go with the neutral grays, whites and tans.

To make them, we used avocado bottles, which we removed the labels with hot water and soap. We cleaned the inside out with hot water and soap as well.

Once they were dried and wiped down on the outside, we used painting tap to make a line about half way down the bottle. We then used modge podge to paint the bottom half with a thin layer.

In a bowl we had our loose glitter, that we just poured over the modge podge section of the bottle. After the glitter set we let them dry overnight (you don’t need to wait that long if you don’t want to).

The next day we applied a top layer of modge podge just to seal in the glitter. And there you have it a perfect vase for flowers or decoration.