Do you ever feel like not doing your hair? I know I don’t… I don’t any day of the week.

With long hair, washing it the morning of a workday can easily tack on an extra 30 minutes to your morning.

I used to be one of those people who scarified sleep for anything to have a few extra minutes of the morning. And I would find myself rushing around the house to get ready, only to find out when I got to work I forgot my breakfast, coffee, lunch or computer.

One day I just decided that rushing in the morning wasn’t worth it. I am a big believer that your morning sets the tone for your entire day. If you spend more time being present with your husband or family at home to say a few nice words, or spend your morning taking your time making your coffee and relaxing, you just have a smooth and calm day.

Recently I finally decided to make a long awaited and needed change in my nighttime routine. Instead of showering the morning, I started showering at night. And began to create my hairstyle just by sleeping.

After my shower, I blow dry the top of my hair, and some of my roots. Then I make two somewhat even braids with my hair. The tighter you make the braids the more crimped your hair will look and the loosen the wavier your hair will look.

I use bobby pins to tie the bottom, to prevent dents in my hair and to have a uniform wave.

Just sleep in the braids overnight, then remove the braids in the morning and you have yourself diy easy wavy hair.

Not only does it take less than 5 minutes to do your hair in the morning, but it also prevents added heat damage to your hair through blow drying your hair, curling it or straightening it.

So if you are one of those people who run around the house like crazy to get things done in the morning, try out this easy hair style to make all the difference in your time in the morning.

And my wonderful photographer had to make this post :).