Earlier this year my parents were generous enough to gift Randy and I their old coffee table and matching end tables.

My parents have had them ever since I could remember. Over the years my sister and I and our friends have definitely added some nooks and scratches to them. Benny himself also used to love this coffee table, he loved to hide under it as a puppy to get some uninterrupted sleep.

I am telling you this, not just to talk randomly, but to show how much they truly mean to me. The fact that I live at least 11 hours driving distance away from my family and friends is hard enough, but having something in my home here in Savannah that reminds me of my childhood and my home makes it more comforting.

After we received the coffee table and end tables Randy and I decided to do a little DIY project together on them.

We spent weekends and some Friday date nights sanding them down, where we removed all the green paint and finish off the top. We used a Random Orbital Sander to do this. Starting on an 80 grit sandpaper, then on to a 120 grit sandpaper and then we finished them off with 240 grit sandpaper. It provided us with a smooth finish, but not enough to remove the character the pieces acquired over the years they spent in my parents home.

We decided to do a dark stain on top to match some of our other furniture in our home. And a light gray bottom. I love simple neutral colors, and although we still are renting a condo I was really thinking of my inspiration for my dream living room for when we buy a home.

Our first step in the painting process was to stain the top. Randy just used a scrap rag to wipe the stain lightly over top. We wanted the wood to have an antique and weathered look. We then used painters tape on the bottom of the top section and just painted the bottom half with a gray chalkboard paint.

Once we completed painting, we ran the stained section over with a matte polyurethane finish to protect the wood.

Now we have such a great addition to our living room, decorated with repurposed wedding decorations in case you didn’t notice!

After getting married we have spent some time making sure that we make time for just the two of us, and we have found that DIY projects really helped us to work together on ideas and on finishing the projects. We can’t wait to share more in the future!