These casein peanut butter chocolate muffins are the perfect post workout treat. Fueling up and helping to repair your muscles with the slow digesting casein protein powders.

Casien Muffins

Ever since the fitness industry kind of blew up, everyone knows that pre and post workout nutrition is important. To maximize your workouts, whether that be running, kick boxing, weight lifting, zumba dancing, you need the right nutrition. Eating too little will cause you problems and eating too less will do just the same. 

Not only do we have to worry about our nutrition throughout the day. Did I get enough food with that 5 mile run, how about that hour weight lifting session, or that 20 minute HIIT cardio? Now we have to worry about what kind of food we are supplying our body with. Did I get enough carbohydrates after that 5 mile run? Did I eat enough protein with that hour weight lifting session? Did I get enough of carbohydrates and protein for that 20 minutes HIIT session?

Chocolate Casien Muffin

Listening to our bodies is important… but sometimes when we don’t get enough of one macronutrient we crave something entirely different. That is where the fitness industry created products with those macronutrients to enhance the work we are doing in the gym, on the trail, or on the court.

And that post workout nutritional supplement I want to talk about today is casein protein. Casein protein is great to have post workout because it is slow digesting and will work to remain the muscles that you have worked during your workout. There are so many benefits that the industry has found due to this product, looking for some check it out here. But one of my favorites parts about casein protein is the baking quality of it.

Caisen Peanut Butter Chocolate Muffin

And that is where these casein peanut butter muffins came from. They are gluten free and packed with a peanut butter flavor. They are the perfect post workout treat.


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