Hope you all had a great first week of the new year. Things can seem a little rocky at times, but a new year is always good for some motivation. Even if your first week didn’t exactly go as planned, just remember that each day is a great way to think of a new start.

I have to admit that this week for myself was not what I expected. Good things happened, but bad things happened as well. So just to start off a coffee talk with you guys lately I wanted to start with a lesson I learned this first week of 2017.

  • Set your own expectations. When I entered the real world after college and got my first full time job I have to admit that I let my coworkers and managers set my expectations. If they thought I was not delivering what I should I got disappointed and down on myself. If they thought I was doing good I did too. This week was a realization that life is not about a job. Life is about you. What you want to achieve. What goals you set for yourself. Set expectations for yourself, instead of relying on someone else to.
  • New Year, New Knowledge. I have always wanted to become a personal trainer. I love to be in the gym, the attitudes, others commitment, and the just pure adrenaline and mindset that comes with working out, I finally decided to pursue the passion by signing up for ACSM personal training certification. This year I made it a goal to start chasing my dreams and this is just one of the many steps I am taking to pursue that.
  • Along with health and fitness I decided to start taking my health seriously. Since September with my dad in the hospital in Atlanta, then moving to Savannah, I was a little overwhelmed. With family hardship, and adjusting to a new schedule, new city and new living circumstance. I didn’t have a gym membership, and although I was still working out I kind of lost the drive to do my best and work my hardest. I felt like I was just coasting through, getting exercise because I knew it was good for my body. In November I got a gym membership back (which is a motivation to me, not saying you need one) and I started to enjoy it again. So I am officially trying out macro counting again. I think it gets a misconception about restricting calories and carbs, but I have a post planned for this later on reasons you might think about counting macronutrients in the future.
  • Something I realized is listening to what your heart is telling you is so important. At the end of December I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed in myself. Where I was, what I was doing… but after a breakdown I really started to reflect on how I was feeling. I realized that I wasn’t listening to what my heart was truly saying, I was going off of my mind, finances, and security. If you want to achieve any real dreams in life, you have to be willing to take a chance, step outside of your comfort zone and stop thinking.