This chocolate coconutty granola is the perfect pairing of sweet chocolate with a hint of coconut and the added crunch of sunflower seeds. Full of whole grains and healthy fats, sure to make your taste buds go wild.

My boyfriend Randy is what you call a granola fien! He loves the stuff, not saying I don’t but I just never feel the need to buy it. He loves to have yogurt and granola every morning, and never really gets tired of it. And yea I understand that may not seem like a problem, I mean there are so many different flavor combinations, brands, heck even types (if you haven’t tried soft granola you need to!). You would think with all the possibilities it would be so fun to try a different type each time, but yet he picks up the same nature’s path love crunch dark chocolate macaroon!

So when I was sitting in Savannah in his house over my little break from work, I decided to try my hand at remaking this granola! 

 Chocolate Granola with added coconut. 
I did add in coconut shreds and sunflower seeds but left out the added chocolate. But it turned out crunchy, coconutty, chocolatey, and my own take on this delicious brand of granola. 

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