This black bean noodle stir fry is the perfect meatless Monday dish. This vegetarian dish is made with Explore Asia Black Bean Pasta, which is packed with 19 grams of protein. Gluten-free, vegan, and meatless Monday approved.

Eating a planet based diet was always something I wanted to try. I followed one in college for about 6 months, giving up beef, chicken, and turkey. Originally I decided to try it out for ease of digestion, but ended up finding other benefits in the change as well. Saving money, ease of digestion, lowering my carb footprint, and trying a variety of plant based foods

Despite the benefits a vegetarian diet has, it didn’t work out for me. It wasn’t due to craving meats. For me it was about convenience and traditions. I missed being able to go a cookout and just enjoy the meal with my family and friends. I missed going out to eat and ordering the dish that sounded the best. Being a vegetarian I felt restricted.

Even though I am no longer a vegetarian I enjoy meatless meals from time to time and enjoy participating in meatless Monday’s. It is a great way to mix it up in the kitchen, but also a great way to try new products.

This black bean noodle stir fry came from a new product. These black bean noodles are from Explore Asia, and they are a complete protein, often hard to find in vegetarian products. I added some coconut aminos from coconut secret for flavor and included veggies for some crunch and color. This black bean stir fry is a great addition to your meatless Monday line-up.

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Black Bean Noodle Stir Fry
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