Big Bon Pizza

Lately weekends have included short trips in the sun. Relaxing at home, watching Heartland. Walking the dogs around the apartment complex. Cooking food for the week. And taking long, epsom salt baths to end the day.

Life is all about the seasons of life. The good seasons are great, fun and full of experiencing new things. The bad seasons are always for a reason, teaching us life lessons we will remember for a lifetime.

I never expected for this to be the season of life for Randy and I, but I don’t think we would have it any other way.

Life hasn’t been easy, with me starting 13 Donuts Bakery and Randy going back to get his masters degree in Aerospace Engineering. Balancing having time for us to both invest in our ventures, as well as have time for each other, all on top of planning a wedding. I have learned more in life over these past 4 months than I ever expected to.

If I have learned anything, it is the importance of having a date night.

This weekend, on Friday Randy and I headed straight to the pool after work. It has become an every weekend thing for awhile. We really enjoy ending the work week with relaxing by the pool, it is the perfect way to enjoy the Savannah heat but clear your head too.

After the pool we had our first weekend we made it the Big Bon Pizza date night Pop-Up shop. We headed to Smith Brothers Butcher Shop and order a gluten free margarita pizza. Unfortunately they were out of gluten free crust, so we got to try out their cauliflower pizza crust. It was pretty good, but it is not something that tends to be filling.

Big Bon Pizza

We also got the Sea Salt gelato to go with it. It was so creamy and dreamy.

After dinner we took a little walk downtown. We are looking for an apartment to move into in October before the wedding, and downtown is such a tempting place to move.


Once we got home, we got changed and took the dogs for a short walk to end the night. Then it was an early bedtime.

The rest of the weekend was nothing special.

I went grocery shopping, got some sun for a couple hours here and there, and worked on writing a post or two to share some new recipes with you guys this coming week.

We had a simple, yet delicious asian beef and rice for dinner, and with a migraine coming I headed to bed early.

Sunday morning I work up and took the dogs on a walk. Then made our favorite breakfast tacos for breakfast with some strawberries and mango on the side.

The rest of Sunday included meal prepping. Sweet potato fries and almond flour chicken tenders. Kale salad with red and yellow peppers and sliced almonds. Some gluten free banana donuts with lemon icing, that I can’t wait to share with you. Buffalo and lime shrimp.

Switching up meals can make all the difference in meal prep.

This week is Randy’s last week of school until the wedding. We are so overjoyed to have some time to spend together from now until the wedding, but we have learned so much through this not so great season of life. The importance of working together towards a shared goal.

Learning to work with someone is something we aren’t really taught through life. We have independent lives, worrying about what is best for us. So being engaged and making plans for the future, for the two of us has been such a journey, and I can’t wait to see where it takes us.