Anyone else have a problem with dairy?

Whether you are lactose intolerant or you just choose not to drink or eat dairy products and you love coffee this blog post is for you.

Ever sense I was a baby I was always sensitive to dairy products. When I was younger I just sucked it up and ate what I wanted. In fact I was quite the ice cream fanatic.

But over the years I have started to care more about feeling good. It seems the older you get the harder it is to recover from not feeling well.

I never really cared too much about not drinking milk, until I discovered lattes in college. I wouldn’t say this is something I drink everyday but I love to grab a latte on the weekend.

Having a former barista as a husband, I have come to know that making an almond milk latte is an art. The milk should get heated at a separate temperature than regular milk.

Having going from coffee shop to coffee shop and drinking burnt milk, I have finally found the sweet spot to finding the best place to get almond milk lattes in Savannah.

The Front Porch

Almond Milk Lattes In Savannah

Technically the front porch isn’t in Savannah, but rather Pooler. But this coffee shop has without a doubt in my opinion the best almond milk lattes in Savannah. And I am saying this because to be getting a latte is all about consistency. Their lattes are always delicious, no matter what barista is on staff that day.

In fact, I just recently tried their new winter flavor, white chocolate peppermint and you just can’t go wrong with it!

Foxy Loxy/Henny Penny

Foxy Loxy is always a favorite of mine, not just because I like their matcha lattes, but also because their food is spectacular (and tacos). Foxy Loxy makes a delicious almond milk latte, but it is definitely not my first pick.

Their lattes are amazing most of the time, and I love that they use Perc Coffee, which is what we use at home, but the consistency could use some work. I have gotten burnt milk lattes here and there, some so bad I couldn’t even finish it. But for the most part, if you order a mocha, with their special chocolate sauce blend you can’t go wrong!

Collin’s Quarter

Collin’s brunch is the absolute best, but their coffee is just a special add-on you can find. I have never gotten a bad almond milk latte from Collin’s.

Whether you are feeling vanilla, the Madagascar is a go to of mine, or you are feeling chocolate, their signature Lavender Mocha is a nice spin on the classic Mocha they are both delicious. I recently even got a Dirty Chai and it was quite delicious too.

One thing I love about their lattes is they are never too sweet like you get at Starbucks.

And finally some places to note are Cup to Cup and the new Fox and Fig if you are feeling an oat milk latte.