About Me

Bakes By Ranchcookie where you can find
inspiration, humor, passion and recipes galore.

Hi I’m Hilary, the creator behind Bakes By Ranchcookie. I am just your average twenty-five year old trying to find where I fit in, in this world. I enjoy spending time baking for my husband, walking our two golden retrievers or outside photographing friends or nature.

Ever since I made my first batch of cookies in my Easy Bake Oven at the age of four I have obsessed over baking. In 2012, I started Ranchcookie (now Bakes By Ranchcookie) as a way to share my recipes with the world. Also to get a good grade in my Social Media Marketing class in college.

From there this little blog evolved into a place to help others focus on a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Over the last five years as this blog has morphed and evolved so have I. In 2015 I made the jump to Georgia to follow a career. Since then I have landed in Savannah and married the man of my dreams.

This blog has become not only a place I can now share recipes but also adventures around the beautiful city we are lucky to call home, for now at least. I have become a Savannah lifestyle blogger.

My goal for Bakes By Ranchcookie is to inspire others to grow and keep reaching for their dreams. To continue to believe in themselves when life doesn’t seem to be going their way. If I have learned anything in the past fives years, it is that we can’t have everything but we can go through the journey of life’s ups and downs with others. And I am so glad that you have decided to join me.

Savannah Lifestyle Blogger