What a wonderful day to wake up to over 8 hours of sleep last night. I am still catching up from lost sleep from last weekend. Today I wanted to catch you guys up on some last weekend fun, and a guide to a fun weekend in Atlanta.

Last weekend I left work to pick up Benny then Randy and off to Atlanta for a fun weekend with my sister. I lived in Atlanta for about a year before making the move to Savannah, and to be honest it was not one of my favorite places. But this past weekend we had a blast.

After driving 4 hours to my sisters apartment, we stopped at Uncle Maddio’s for a pizza pick up. Randy and my sister got mini pizzas and side salads, and I got the chopped salad that included mixed greens, ham, grilled chicken, egg, bacon, mozzarella, tomatoes, crostini and homemade blue cheese dressing, which I substituted for italian. I didn’t get a picture because it was past 8, which is past my bedtime so way past dinnertime and I was starven marven.

The next morning Randy and I got out to the Silver Comet trail, a place I had been many times since moving right next to an entrance. We ran a quick and easy 3 miles just to get our legs moving from sitting at work then driving the day before. Afterwards we stopped at Sprouts for some breakfast food, for a quick breakfast.

The reason for our trip was to come take my sister out for her birthday. It is actually next week, the day before Thanksgiving, but since she is going home to Ohio and I’m staying in Georgia again this year, we decided it was the perfect weekend to come back.

For her birthday i took my sister to get a mani-pedi. Being in school, not always having money laying around I wanted to treat her to something that just isn’t in the budget right now. We went out to Nails By Sandy in Marietta, Ga. I found them on groupon, we both got a gel manicure and basic pedicure for under $50, and I have to say the quality was great.

After the mani-pedis, my sister had a meeting at school, so Randy and I went out for subs at Real Subs. I loved the concept of this place, they offer subs like any sub shop, but they only offer real ingredients. They have organic options, and all natural ingredients. They also have gluten free options, wraps, bread and a variety of cookies. But my favorite part wasRev Coffee the drink selection. They have a variety of flavored waters, all made with natural ingredients.

After lunch we went over to Rev Coffee and hung out until it was time for our outing of the weekend. We couldn’t go to Atlanta without getting some Rev Coffee.

Around 3:30, we headed out to pick up my sister, and then surprised her with tickets to go to the Georgia Aquarium. Our favorite part was the dolphin show, which unfortunately we couldn’t get any pictures of, but it is something you don’t want to miss.

After the aquarium we went out to WaGaYu for dinner. I got some sushi and Randy got a noodle bowl. We were stuffed after, so we headed back home to relax and get some sleep.

Sunday morning we had a lazy morning, then out to do some grocery shopping for the week at Sprouts, we just couldn’t pass up some of the deals. We came home and made breakfast, then headed out back to Savannah.

After reflecting on the weekend, I realized how different a place can look when you are just visiting. We spend so much time looking at the negative parts of towns, cities, or places that we only focus on those parts. But when we step back and look there is so much more to areas that we missed with that lens. I used to never recommend someone move to Atlanta, but I have to say after a very fun weekend there, it is somewhere to consider. Full of opportunity and fun, different, exciting things to experience.