Living in Savannah isn’t always easy. The job market is not the best, and the housing market just might be worse. Opportunities are limited, and the people aren’t always the nicest.

Sometimes situations just get to you. They make you irritable, exhausted and to be frank just mean to the ones you love. Stress is something that I think everyone strives to control, but it isn’t always possible.

This weekend to unwind and do something fun, my husband surprised me with a trip up to Charleston.

We didn’t have any plans and we just went on a day trip, but just walking around and exploring an area we aren’t used to was enough for us.

We started our trip off at The Daily to grab a coffee and a tea. My husband got a cortado and I got a ginger hot tea. I loved the look of the outside of the building.

Next up we headed to lunch at a favorite we found last time, Beech Juice Bar. I love acai bowls, and unfortunately our favorite juice bar in Savannah closed down before Christmas. I got the B.A.B. bowl and my husband got a chicken poke bowl.

I love that Charleston has all my favorite stores, so we stopped in at Madewell to check out the sales.

We parked somewhere with an hour limit, so we headed back to the car, stopping at Downtown Cupcakes to grab a gluten free cupcake. The cupcake was good, but I realized I am better off just making simple mill’s cupcakes at home because they were so so sugary!

We found a parking garage to park in, got out the camera and then just spent an afternoon exploring and taking pictures.

It is funny how similar yet so different Charleston is from Savannah. But it sure was fun being tourists for the day.

Sometime’s through the hustle and bustle of working in an agency, starting my own business and taking care of my husband and dogs I realized you have to take a break. You have to take care of yourself, because when you don’t being productive is no longer even an option.

This weekend was about taking care of myself. Stepping back from the constant working mode and feeling like I have too much on my plate and not worrying about it.

And not to mention it was also another dating anniversary to celebrate with my wonderful husband.

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