Good morning and happy Monday. I think getting out of your surrounding and the hustle and bustle of the city is necessary sometimes. It is funny how you can go from feeling completely overwhelmed to being ready to get focused for the work week ahead of you. Being reminded that you don’t always have to be go go go is a beautiful thing and that is exactly what this weekend brought. 

There were no workouts scheduled, no to do lists, just activities and days of pure enjoyment. This weekend was what I needed to get back to being myself again and remembering that there are other things in life than working, schedules, to do, traffic. And I couldn’t have loved it more.

After a week of work, presentation preparation, and appointments my weekend started off Friday with a pretty traffic free drive, which is almost unheard of for me. I had dinner packed in the car, and a snack for later. Tried out the Live Kombucha Root Beer drink and got to Savannah somehow before it was dark out. Listening to music and podcasts along the way it was actually a nice drive, which I don’t say often.

I got to Randy’s early enough to catch up on the episode of Grey’s Anatomy that I skipped for sleep. And it was the perfect ending to my Friday.

Saturday I didn’t get too much sleep, waking up at 6 will do that to you, but that’s ok, because despite bags under my eyes and a slight headache I had an amazing day. Randy and I signed up for the Gulfstream 5K walk and run. We got to run around the Gulfstream campus, including some of their planes, and watching planes take off. It was really an awesome race. The course was set up as two loops around the course. Unfortunately since we were inside of the campus we couldn’t take any pictures during the race. We did get some afterwards though.

We both decided to run for just pure enjoyment, I finished around 26 minutes (I sped up to use the restroom, story of my life) and Randy finished around 27 minutes. Everyone who participating in the received a medal and snacks. They also had a little tent fair, where we got some free water bottles, bandaids, and bars.

After the race we came home, made steak, eggs and toast, showered and picked up Benny. We were off looking at neighborhoods in Savannah. Randy is planning on buying a house within the next year so it was fun to go look around the different areas. In Midtown we got out and walked around and found this park. 

After walking and driving around all afternoon we headed downtown to Forsythe Park. 

We walked around the park for a bit to get Benny some extra exercise and then headed off to pick up Zunzi’s to go. This was my first time at Zunzi’s and I have to say it was amazing. Straight from their website:

Zunzi’s is a mixture of international cuisine that comes from Johnny and Gabriella’s very different cultural backgrounds. A combination of Swiss, Italian, South African and Dutch, Zunzi’s brings together flavors that are unique and delicious as well as always being fresh.

They have amazing sandwiches, pita wraps, and mashed potatoes. They also have gluten free bread now for anyone looking for a gluten friendly restaurant in Savannah. I ended up getting the Conquistador, which had roasted chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and zunzi’s sauce. Randy got the Godfather, which had spicy sausage, their homemade sausage, roasted chicken, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and zunzi’s sauce. We split the two sandwiches, and I ended up being full for hours afterwards.

After dinner I ended up taking a nap while Randy caught up on Arrow, which I would highly recommend if you haven’t checked out the show before. We ended up hanging out at home, had some cookies and ice cream, and watched The 5th Wave.

Sunday morning we got up around 8 to take Benny for a walk. One of my favorite parks around the area is Daffin Park, we walked a loop, which is a mile and a half before we had to head home for breakfast and get ready for church.

Church ended around lunch time so we picked up Tijuana Flats on the way home. After lunch time it was time for me to head back to Atlanta.

The rest of the evening included some driving, unpacking and enjoying laying in my bed for awhile before I got fully ready for the week. 

When life has you down, get out and explore. Forget about your stressors and put away your to do list and just have fun. Linking up with Katie today.