So we are now wrapping up the second full week of 2018 and I couldn’t help taking a step back to reflect on 2017.

This past Sunday we were sitting in church and the sermon had so much to do with resetting. We think that in order to reset we have to start a new year over. Even though I am starting to learn any day or hour or minute is a good time to reset, there is always something good that can come from reflecting.

These past couple years, December rolls around and because something huge in my career didn’t shift or change, or I didn’t achieve some huge goal I set for myself, I get upset with where I am. I often times forget to focus on what all I did accomplish and how life has changed.

So today I wanted to sit back and thing about all the things that changed throughout 2017.

Getting Engaged: 2017 I got engaged. Randy and I made a trip up to Asheville, NC with our dog Benny and after a long hike on top of a mountain top he asked me to marry him. And the wedding planning began.

Riley Joined the Family: Back in April of 2017, Randy and I got our second dog Riley. We adopted him from a Petsmart event. Although life with Riley hasn’t been easy, he got worms, then the dogs started fighting and are now separated, we wouldn’t change it. We spent the last half of 2017 training both Riley and Benny and it has taught us what teamwork is all about.

13 Donuts Bakery: We started and closed a business in 2017. I always thought a bakery was the right move and farmers markets were where to start. Starting a donut bakery is not easy, and I found that out. At the end of this year we decided that this wasn’t the right time to start my dream bakery and although it is still in the plans for the far future the experience of the business was a huge lesson learned.

Getting Married: Randy and I got married. We started planning in March and finished up planning on the wedding day. I wrote a post all about the details, but getting to marry my best friend and love was a moment I will always remember and cherish.

Buying A Camera: I have always loved food photography, and recently got even more interested in other types of photography. Stay tuned in the next couple months for more on this, but just so excited to be learning and practicing in my free time.

That just about wraps up all the monumental moments of 2017, I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for our little family.