Ranchcookie is a go-to place to find inspiration for wholesome recipes, workout inspiration, and follow the daily life of a 20-something year old on her journey moving away from home.


  Starting in 2013 as an outlet to share healthy facts and college life, Ranchcookie has evolved into life after college. Moving from Ohio to Georgia, hear the hard, quarky, entertaining and devastating moments of life in a new city on my own. I believe in eating to feel good, workouts that leave you barely making it up the stairs and living life to the fullest. Other things to know?



  • I believe in coffee, and lots of it! Latte art is way too cool not to take pictures of.
  • Recipe recreating is a hobby, and a Friday night must.
  • Georgia, and Atlanta exploring is new, exciting and happening nonstop. 


  • Benny is my best friend, and child for now. Life without him doesn’t exist. And yes he goes everywhere with me.


  • I believe in being honest in all aspects, and sharing everything from good to bad, because without the bad days we would never know what a good day was.


  • God is the number one, so if you aren’t into that then you might not want to explore around here.

So if you are looking for a place to come away with a new recipe, listen to some funny weekend recaps, or just look at a cute English Cream this is the place for you!


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So who am I?

My name is Hilary. Recently relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, I am a Ohio native that moved 9 hours away from all my family and friends. And to answer your question, no I didn’t know anyone. I worked my butt off for two years after college to create an opportunity for myself, and reached my dream of making it down south.

For now I live in a one bedroom apartment with my animal clan, of Benny and Baxter.  

 We are those in bed by 9pm and up at 6am people. Working out is always on the schedule, and recipe testing follows. With weekend trips to Savannah to see my boy. We travel, try new things, and live each day as full and relaxing as possible.

In addition to this blog, I currently am a Sweat Pink Ambassador, Fit Approach Ambassador and work with Blue Diamond Almonds. If you have any questions or want to contact me e-mail me at bakesbyranchcookie@gmail.com.

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